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About Us
The History of Sweet Magic is a pursuit of excellence began 14 years back As pioneers in the segment of Sweets, Namkings, Bakery and Restaurants.. The group earned an eaviable reputation in the market. Recently we started Food Proceesing Industry in Auto Nagar, Vijayawada with International Standards, infact first in South India.
With 14 years of rich experience in processing and selling successfully without any Quality Complaints. We got very good response from all our Customers, our products has the customer canvassing instead of advertisement.

Our Secret behind success from last 14 years is only QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY, Nothing else. We give priority to quality than any other thing, as it is a food item. Very recently after 14 years successful development in Customers, Quality, Product Range , Marketing, we decised to taste our all varieties of products to the International Food Lovers. So that we are putting our efforts to enter into the International Market.

In sweets making with most modern technical knowledge(thermic Fluid,Steam Pressure cooking) process through with special machinary. Halwa,Rasamalai,Kowa,Dryfruits,Bengali Sweets,Burphy,Laddu, etc items and Gulabjam will made without lasting its original colour,taste with best quality and neatness.

All bakery items Milkbread, Fruitbread, Sandwitch,Eggpuffs,Vegpuffs,Cookies etc will made with pured raw subatances through modern ovens in complete healthy,cleanely environment.

Tasty cakes,cool cakes,pastries and beautifully made Buttercream Cakes,Fresh Cream, Cakes,Birthday Cakes,anniversary cakes,christmas cakes,New year cakes,Wedding cakes will
given for your function timings.

Digital cakes
Digital Cakes are supplied on order with Your wished photo or company logo prints with computer help .
Madatha Kaaja
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